​​2002                                                                                        Pelham Jones

2003                                                                                         Ann Salter

2004                                                                                         Julia Phillips

2005                                                                                        Sarah Hamilton

2006                                                                                        Emma “Ginny” Temple

2007                                                                                        Geraldine Beveridge

2008                                                                                        Harold Chartley

2009                                                                                        Arnold Adams

2010                                                                                        Emma “Ginny” Temple

2011                                                                                        Cathy Neagle

2012                                                                                         June Merrill

2013                                                                                        Unita Hayden

2014                                                                                         June Merrill

2015                                                                                         Jane Burbella

2016                                                                                         June Vann

2017                                                                                        Anne Upchurch

2018                                                                                        Margaret “Meg” Bradford

2019                                                                                        George Burbella

Julia Y. Thorn

Bonnie Ferneau and Cathy Neagle present the Community Service Award to Julia.

Julia’s Brag Board Project showcases her creativity and design talent.

Rebecca Bretzke — West Carteret

North Carolina

Past CCRSP Member

of the Year Award Recipients

Jonathan Merrill — East Carteret


Carteret County RSP

Julia Yamaoka Thorn
CCRSP Member of the year for 2020

Carteret County Retired School Personnel has named Julia Yamaoka Thorn as its 2020 Member of the Year. After finishing high school, this class Valedictorian enrolled in Stanford University’s English program and completed 3 degrees, including a Master of Arts in English Education. She also holds a Master’s in School Administration from East Carolina University and earned National Board Certification.

After graduating from Stanford, Ms. Thorn began a teaching career that would take her to Hawaii, California, Washington, and North Carolina. She accepted positions as an ESL Instructor in Hiroshima, Japan, in the late 70s and again in the early 90s.

She is recognized here in Carteret County for her outstanding work at East Carteret High School, especially with Speech and Debate. This creative educator, with no precedent to follow and no funding provided, began a speech team from the ground up, believing that students can become confident young adults through speech and debate. Her hard work paid off when individual students won national titles, the team received a Chapter of the Year Award, and Ms. Thorn won the National Forensic League Distinguished Service Award.

Carteret County Retired School Personnel has recognized Ms. Thorn for her creativity and enthusiasm as Chair of the Brag Board Committee. She took the idea of a single brag board and turned it to 22 mini brag boards, one for each school system location, plus 4 full size brag boards for display at other locations around the county. She conducted a brag board workshop for NC Retired School Personnel Region 7B and prepared the Brag Board Starlight Award entry for state recognition. Ms. Thorn serves wherever she is needed, whether anchoring the checkin table or taking photos at local and regional meetings.

In 2020, she won Volunteer of the Year for the Carteret County unit and for Region 7B. Many hours were given to Retired School Personnel and also to Delta Kappa Gamma. As President of DKG in Carteret County, she is credited with increasing membership and bringing special recognition to the local group of key women educators. Education continues to be in the forefront of Ms. Thorn’s thoughts and activities.

Julia Yamaoka Thorn
Local and Region 7B Community Service Top Volunteer

     Julia Thorn accumulated 1,738.5 hours in service to others.  She was recognized as CCRSP Top Volunteer for 2019 and presented a Certificate of Service by Retired School Personnel President Cathy Neagle and Community
Service Chair Bonnie Ferneau.  Julia is also Top Volunteer for Region 7B.  Although educational activities are her priority, Julia attends various political meetings and helps with other community drives and events.


Scholarships Awarded by CCRSP
Carteret County Retired School Personnel Scholarship

Jonathan Merrill
University of Mt. Olive, Music Education

Rebecca Bretzke
Appalachian State University, Elementary Education

Catalogue of State Awards Earned by CCRSP

Betty Huffman Recognition (2) 2018 & 2019

Legislative Starlight (3) 2017- 2019

Brag Board Recognition (1) 2019

Silver Star (1) 2012

Gold Star (5) 2013-2017

Platinum Recognition (1) 2017

                                                                                   Pelham Thomas Jones 2002
The youngest of four children, Pelham Thomas Jones was born April 19, 1924. He grew up in Marshallberg and graduated from Smyrna High School in 1941.  He would eventually make his way back home only after graduating from Wake Forest College, receiving a master’s degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, and serving as principal in several high schools in other parts of the state:  Dabney High School in Henderson, Aulander High School in Bertie County, and Northampton High School.  
In 1969, he came back to Carteret County and accepted the principal’s position at Smyrna High School.  Pelham finished his career in education working in the central office of the Carteret County Schools.
After retiring, Pelham and his wife Margaret became active members of the Carteret County Retired School Personnel.  He served as president and as secretary.  In those days, the minutes were handwritten in a notebook and read aloud at the meetings.
When Pelham became president, he put forth his best effort to build membership.  He knew all the principals in the county and secured permission from each for members to take posters into the schools and recruit at faculty meetings.  Pelham attended district events and exerted influence beyond Carteret County.  He was a mild-mannered gentleman with a welcoming smile, who was always dedicated to his family and his profession.  He died May 16, 2010, at age 86.
                                                                                     Annie Coward Salter 2003

Annie Coward Salter, who was born July 29, 1918, in Goldsboro, spent most of her adult life in Marshallberg.  She graduated from Goldsboro High School as valedictorian of her class and then from Meredith College with degrees in English and History.  Her teaching career spanned 32 years in the high schools at Smyrna, in Beaufort, and at East Carteret.  She served
as organist and pianist in the Marshallberg Baptist Church for 41 years and was a member of Delta Kappa Gamma for over 50 years.
Membership in her professional organizations was always important to Annie.  She was an active member of the North Carolina Association of Educators – NCAE, the National Retired Teachers Association – NRTA (a division of AARP), and the Carteret County Retired School Personnel – CCRSP.  She served as treasurer of CCRSP at least one term.  She was known for sharing her musical talent at the Christmas parties, which were usually held at Mrs. Willis’ Restaurant.  Annie would come in with her keyboard and copies of the Christmas songs for everyone.  She collected the copies when the singing was over to save for another occasion.  One of Annie’s most memorable programs was a presentation of the history of CCRSP.  She worked several months collecting information and verifying every detail.  She added humorous descriptions of teaching in the early days to entertain her fellow retirees.
Annie volunteered extensively in her community and county and was awarded the Order of the Long Leaf Pine in 2009.  She gave so much of herself to everything she did in life.  Yet, being a teacher remained the most meaningful aspect of life for her except for her family.  Annie passed away on January 15, 2016, at 97.
                                                                                  Julia Murphy Phillips 2004
Julia Phillips was born in 1917 in Burgaw in Pender County.  She followed her dream of becoming a teacher and taught in the public schools in a neighboring school system.  After she retired, she was approached about joining Carteret County Retired School Personnel and accepted the invitation.
As a member, she enjoyed greeting others as they came to the meetings and often volunteered to present the devotions.  Julia is remembered for having a quick mind and providing many comical moments.  She was a member of All Saints Episcopal Church.  Julia passed away on January 14, 2007, at the age of 89.
                                                                              Sarah Hufham Hamilton 2005
Sarah Hufham Hamilton was born in 1923 in Morehead City and lived to be 90.    She began her college education at Montreat Junior College and graduated from Furman University with a degree in Home Economics.  She worked in Atlanta for 2 years and then returned to Carteret County where she would become librarian at Charles F. Wallace School. 
Sarah was not yet in Morehead to stay.  Her husband Luther had enlisted in the Navy; thus, she left her hometown a second time to be a Navy wife.  When they returned, she accepted a job as librarian at Morehead City High School and later at West Carteret High School where she remained until she retired in 1980.
Sarah was active politically as a member of the Democratic Party.  She was concerned with social issues as indicated by her volunteer work with Planned Parenthood and the Southern Poverty Law Center.
She, of course, took time for Carteret County Retired School Personnel.  She held the office of treasurer for a while and served on the nominating committee.  She must have been persuasive in this job, for she formed a slate of officers at a single meeting by saying “You have to.”  Arnold Adams, Susan Hopkins, Diane Nance, and Ginny Temple became president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, respectively, without putting up an argument.  Sarah had accomplished her mission.
Sarah was active in the First United Methodist Church and directed much of her energy to gaining recognition for the area of Morehead called Promise Land.  She loved Morehead City and wanted others to appreciate it with her.  She also loved books and the joy of learning.  Sarah passed away on March 19, 2013. 
                                                       Emma “Ginny” Mumford Temple 2006 and 2010

Emma “Ginny” Mumford Temple was born in Macon, Georgia, on June 14, 1945.   She grew up as an only child with a deep devotion to her parents that lasted as long as they lived.  Ginny attended Durham High School for grades 10 and 11 and transferred to J. H. Rose in Greenville for her senior year.
Then it was on to East Carolina University where she earned a B. S. in Grammar Education and an M. Ed. in Elementary Education.  She also completed summer sessions at N. C. State and the University of Georgia.  Ginny taught in Georgia and North Carolina.
Ginny always knew that education was her special calling and that middle school was the perfect niche for her.  For a brief period of 4 months, she worked parttime in administration, but quickly returned to the classroom where she wanted to be.  Ginny feels that her greatest accomplishment in education was establishing an alternative learning center for middle grade students; it was set up off campus on the Armory lot in Tarboro.  Ginny received recognition as Teacher of the Year for Tarboro City Schools/Edgecombe County Schools in 1981.
Ginny retired in 1993 to take care of her father.  After joining Carteret County Retired School Personnel, she was persuaded by Sarah Hamilton to accept the treasurer’s position.  She worked closely with Arnold Adams, who had agreed to serve as president, and came to be a driving force in the local unit.
Ginny set to work immediately, learning the internal workings of the organization so that she could do the best job possible.  She immersed herself in the history and governing documents of North Carolina Retired School Personnel and became one of our most knowledgeable members.  In fact, we call Ginny today to inquire about past members and past policies.
As treasurer for 14 years, Ginny kept her books in perfect order, always balancing to the penny.  She insisted that we respect the budget and keep expenses in check; at the same time, she was generous and along with others made occasional donations so that we could pay for our many projects.  She also did an excellent job as treasurer of her Delta Kappa Gamma chapter.
Ginny is a very patriotic person.  Because the Veterans Day Program was important to her, she frequently volunteered to present the November program.  She enjoyed going to the NCRSP state conventions and attended leadership seminars.  Ginny thought seriously about the scholarship money left by Gerry Beveridge and encouraged us to let the North Carolina Community Foundation manage it for us.  Her guidance in this matter led to the financial well-being of our scholarship program.
In her home community, Ginny saw a tremendous need for volunteers at Taylor’s Nursing Home and donated time each week helping in whatever way she could.  Today, she lives much on her own at her home in Marshallberg.  She attends the Methodist Church there and appreciates the help provided by her neighbors.  Ginny misses her husband, Jim, but looks forward to visits from her family, especially her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 
                                                                           Geraldine Mayo Beveridge 2007

Geraldine “Gerry” Mayo Beveridge, who taught school in Carteret County for 40 years, was an amazing lady whose philanthropy will last in perpetuity.  She lived a modest lifestyle, went about her work as a Home Economics teacher, and thought of her students as her children; she and “Captain David” had none of their own.
Soon after stepping into the classroom, Gerry began providing classroom supplies and clothing items for her students in need, always behind the scenes and without fanfare.  She became quite concerned about capable students who could not afford a college education and quietly contributed as she could.  Gerry cared about all of her students; race was never a barrier for her.  When integration came about, she volunteered to transfer to a school in Morehead City as one of the few white teachers there.  
When Gerry did finally retire, she was soon a member of Carteret County Retired School Personnel.  She convinced members of the importance of awarding a scholarship for a graduating senior in each high school – East Carteret and West Carteret and later Croatan.  To raise the money, she organized bake sales and brought plants and canned goods to sell to members.  In those days, the scholarships, though small, were a great effort for members and were greatly appreciated by recipients.
Gerry was known for “telling it like it is.”  She was extremely protective of the NC Retirement System and voiced without restraint to legislators that any money borrowed from the Retirement System had to be paid back.  Gerry was an authentic person who did things her way.  On rainy days, she would come to the meetings with a little umbrella fitted like a headband on her forehead to protect her Outer Banks hairstyle.  Though members never knew what to expect from Gerry, they respected her and recognized her as the mortar that held the group together.
Gerry was 89 when she passed from our midst on May 28, 2008; she had been present for the May meeting, the month when scholarships are presented.  She was placed beside her husband in Beaufort’s Old Burying Ground.  CCRSP learned soon afterward that she had chosen to leave a considerable sum of money to the group with the expectation that it be managed well and be used for scholarships. 
Today, the CCRSP Scholarship is awarded to qualifying graduating seniors from all three high schools in Carteret County who plan to become teachers.  Another scholarship is for qualifying students who want to teach Vocational Education; it is named the Geraldine Mayo Beveridge Scholarship in honor of Gerry.  Finally, Gerry’s generosity has made it possible for a Carteret County resident attending Carteret Community College with the goal of becoming a teacher to earn a scholarship.  Geraldine Mayo Beveridge was a special lady who contributed to CCRSP and to Carteret County in a special way.
                                                                                        Harold V. Chartley 2008
Harold V. Chartley is so fondly remembered as a pillar of the Newport community. Many have called him the perfect gentleman who absolutely adored his wife Ruby.  He had served in the Marine Corps and was a retired classroom teacher.  He was also a photographer.
In Carteret County Retired School Personnel, Harold and Ruby often stood outside the meeting place and greeted members as they came in.  They were regular attenders and always looked forward to the December Christmas parties.  Having been in the Corps, he was a very patriotic man.  For one of the Veterans Day programs, he did a Veterans Tribute and then asked everyone to stand as a sign of respect while he led the group in song.
Harold was quite knowledgeable and was recognized for his intellect.  His compassionate side shone in his concern for others.  After Hurricane Isabelle passed through, he helped with storm disaster.  He gave of his time at a thrift store and food pantry in Newport.  He enjoyed attending Rotary Club meetings in Newport and Morehead City.  Harold was a member of St. James United Methodist Church and died on October 30, 2008, at the age of 88.
                                                                                     Arnold Kent Adams 2009
Arnold Kent Adams is known best for his accomplishments as Director of the East Carteret Marching Mariners.  He was brought up in Rocky Mount, NC, graduated from Rocky Mount High School, and earned his teaching degree from nearby North Carolina Wesleyan College.
Arnold spent his entire teaching career in Carteret County.  He came to East Carteret High School in 1967 with the goal of transforming the school’s failing band program into a success.  At the time, only 7 students were enrolled in the East Carteret band program.  This talented, resourceful, beginning young teacher found multiple ways to motivate, inspire, and challenge students to join the band and reach a performance level they could display in parades across the nation.  The East Carteret Marching Mariners marched twice in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and once in the Pasadena New Year’s Day Festival of Roses Parade.  Parents from the Down East community supported the reviving band program; students respected their Director; everyone felt great pride in being part of something beyond their previous expectation.
On Sunday, November 26, 2017, the History Museum of Carteret County opened a new exhibit showcasing the Marching Mariners under the direction of Arnold Adams.  Many of the items came from Arnold’s personal collection of band memorabilia; former students also contributed to the large display.  The exhibit, which honored both Arnold and the band members, had phenomenal support;   he was indeed pleased with how the designers brought everything together to recognize the hard work of all. 
When Arnold retired after 29 years of service, he decided to shift his focus a bit.  He was soon persuaded to accept the office of President of Carteret County Retired School Personnel.  The enthusiasm he had shown as Band Director carried over to his job as President.  It had been all for the students; now it became all for the retirees.  Under his leadership, membership reached new highs, he and other members became active on the district level, and he encouraged members to attend NCRSP state conventions.
Arnold stayed in close contact with NCRSP Lobbyist Dr. Lacy Presnell to keep abreast of pertinent legislative issues.  He engaged excellent speakers for the local meetings to increase attendance; he initiated a newsletter as a way of increasing communication with all members.  After serving several terms, he was named Member of the Year in 2009.
Today, music remains important in Arnold’s slower paced life.  He has taught individual music lessons, helped form a band for home schooled students, and worked with the St. Peter’s choir and music program.  He and his wife, Rebecca, live in Morehead City where they can enjoy family and friends.

Sarah Catherine “Cathy” Hewitt Neagle 2011

Sarah Catherine “Cathy” Hewitt Neagle was born November 6, 1941, in Statesville, NC, in Iredell County and grew up in the rural community of Elmwood. She graduated from Pfeiffer College in 1963 with an AB Degree; later on, she would earn two MAEd degrees from East Carolina University, one in Adult Education and the other in Mathematics Education.

Cathy began her teaching career at South Stanly High School in Norwood, NC, and taught at nearby Albemarle High School the following year. The next 3 years she spent at W. G. Enloe High School in Raleigh before coming to West Carteret High School in Morehead City in 1972 where she would remain until she retired in June of 1998. While at West Carteret, Cathy served as math department chair and was named Teacher of the Year several times. In 1994, she was the recipient of the $1,000 Teacher of the Year Award from the Rotary Club of Morehead City. Throughout her teaching career, Cathy always focused on what was best for the students.

After retiring, Cathy decided to run for the Carteret County Board of Education and continue working for the students of the county. She was elected in May of 1998 and served 4 consecutive terms or 16 years. She chaired the Board for 2 of the 4 terms; from 2008 until 2011, she served on the Board of Directors for the NC School Board Trust, which is the insurance company for the NC School Board Association. It was in 2011 that Cathy was named CCRSP Member of the year. She feels very fortunate to have served on the school board when board elections were nonpartisan.

When Cathy decided not to seek reelection, she had the time to become more active in CCRSP. She accepted the President’s position and served 2014-15 and again in 2018-2020. She had filled in earlier for June Merrill in times of family illness. Cathy has been instrumental in leading many of the legislative activities of the local unit; she initiated the practice of holding a working legislative session when the General Assembly is negotiating the budget. Starting with the simple notecard, she designed the postcard that members now use for contacting the legislators on the issues most important to retirees. Also a member of the League of Women Voters, she can spot opportunities that allow our local unit to work with the League in political activity. Building membership is another goal area that Cathy has concentrated on.

Cathy attends NCRSP conventions and serves on the Region 7B Executive Board. She served as Director of Region 7B for 2017-2019, a 2-year term, and is also Historian. She attends Committee days in Raleigh and makes every effort to support Region 7B. Cathy and her husband Yates are the parents of 3 children and are active members of First United Methodist Church in Morehead City.

​June Harper Merrill 2012 and 2014

June Harper Merrill was born on February 4, 1941, in Kinston and grew up on her family’s farm in the Woodington area of Lenoir County. She graduated from Southwood School, a county school with grades 1-12, and knew by seventh grade that she wanted to become an English teacher.

After graduating from East Carolina University in 1963, with a B. S. in English and History, she returned to Southwood for her first year of teaching. The next year, Lenoir County schools consolidated and Deep Run School became South Lenoir High School. While at South Lenoir, June would earn her M. A. in English from ECU and take additional hours in Education to receive Master’s pay. She continued teaching English at South Lenoir for the next 19 years before coming to West Carteret High School for the last 10 years of her teaching career.

Carrie Campen, a close friend, invited June to attend the Carteret County Retired School Personnel meetings and encouraged her to take an active part in the organization. June accepted the office of Vice President under Eva McLaughlin and then served as President. She was in awe of the work done by CCRSP leaders and asked if they could receive state recognition for their leadership.

Around 2011, the Gold Star Awards Program was being developed by Betty Huffman. June insisted that Carteret County study the program and develop a local program of work that would win state recognition. From 2012 until the present, Carteret County has received one or more state awards each year; Platinum Recognition received in 2017 has perhaps meant the most.

June worked to increase communication by reviving the newsletter, pushing for the CCRSP website, and establishing group email for member contact. She also convinced members to design a pamphlet to go to all active school personnel as a way of building membership. She has served several terms as Region 7B secretary and enjoys the NCRSP State Convention. She was named Member of the Year in 2012 and 2014.

Working on behalf of retired educators has been an important part of June’s retirement years. Even more important, retirement has given her additional time to enjoy her family and give more of herself to Tuttle’s Grove United Methodist Church.

Unita Pope Hayden 2013

Unita Pope Hayden, born October 13, 1934, in Kernersville, NC, was brought up in Greensboro. She graduated from Greensboro High School and then enrolled at East Carolina College, graduating in 1957 with a B. S. in Music. Unita returned home and went to work as a band teacher. She worked in Greensboro/Guilford County Schools, teaching on all grade levels: elementary, junior high/middle school, and high school. At times she traveled from school to school.

Unita’s musical talents have benefited her church and community as well as her school system. She has served as organist for St. Paul Presbyterian and Vandalia Presbyterian and has substituted for organists in other churches. She has also accompanied Community Senior Choir, served as State Treasurer for the Women Band Directors National Association, and been a member of the National Band Masters Association. Unita is a member of Delta Kappa Gamma.

Throughout her teaching career, Unita always belonged to her professional organization. She was membership chair for Guilford County Association of Educators and served as delegate to NEA conventions in Kentucky, Los Angeles, Florida, and New Orleans. After retirement, she worked as receptionist for Guilford County Association of Educators and dealt with membership. Guilford County is much larger than Carteret and hires a fulltime president elected by its members.

Eventually Unita decided to make her way to Carteret County and enjoy life on the coast. She soon joined Carteret County Retired School Personnel and very quickly assumed leadership responsibilities. Unita has served as committee chair for membership, communications/media, and publications. She has been vice president and secretary, a position she held for several years.

Unita allowed the Executive Board to meet in her home, never hesitating to make them welcome at a moment’s notice. She was always ready to go to a district/ regional meeting and looked forward to attending state convention. She was named CCRSP Member of the Year in 2013 for being such a vital part of the organization.

Jane Cousins Burbella 2015

Jane Cousins Burbella, born October 25, 1948, grew up in Rocky Mount and graduated from Rocky Mount High School. She spent her freshman year at Presbyterian College in South Carolina and then transferred to East Carolina University in pursuit of her B. S. Degree from the School of Education with certification in English. Later she received her Master’s Degree in Library Science from James Madison University.

Jane taught 41 years before her retirement in 2011. She taught for 3 years in Edgecombe County in North Carolina and then for 17 years in Warrenton, Virginia, first as an English teacher and then as a librarian. She worked an additional 21 years as a librarian in the Carteret County Schools.

Since retiring, Jane has continued her involvement with libraries. She has volunteered in the library of The History Museum of Carteret County and in the library of Beaufort Elementary School. Jane is employed by the Carteret County Public Library in Beaufort to work part-time as a substitute librarian. She belongs to several book clubs and is active in an educational sorority.

Along with her other activities, Jane continues her tradition of loyalty to her professional organization. As Chairman of the CCRSP Scholarship Committee, she works closely with the North Carolina Community Foundation, Carteret Community College, and high school guidance counselors to attract qualifying scholarship applicants who want to become teachers. Jane makes an impressive presentation of all the current and new recipients at the May meeting of CCRSP. To help out in other ways, she has overseen the counting of ballots, given devotions, and attended Region 7B General meetings and Legislative luncheons. Jane brings grace to everything she does. She was named CCRSP Member of the Year for 2015.

Jane and her husband George live in Morehead City where family continues to be their main focus. For an occasional change of scenery, they retreat to the mountains of North Carolina where they can relax and reflect on what life may still have in store for them.

​​June Waldon Vann 2016

June Waldon Vann was born April 19, 1957, in Augsburg, Germany, and spent most of her early years in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She graduated from Reid Ross High School and enrolled at North Carolina Central University where she would earn a B. A. Degree in Elementary Education. She went on to East Carolina University for her M. A. Degree in Elementary Education. June taught 31 years, primarily fourth grade, at Beaufort Elementary. Her favorite subject was Language Arts.

June always regarded teachers as professionals and joined her professional organization in the beginning. She served as secretary of Carteret County NCAE for over 25 years. When she retired, she was transitioned into NCRSP the following month and began taking an active role almost immediately. She has served as assistant to the secretary and has managed the CCRSP brag board placed in various locations in the county. June is the NCAE liaison between CCRSP and the Carteret County Association of Educators. She attends Region 7B events and has represented the local unit at State Convention. June was named CCRSP Member of the Year for 2016.

June gives of her time and talent to other organizations as well. She is active in Delta Sigma Theta of the New Bern Alumnae and also Gamma Zeta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma. She belongs to Order of the Eastern Star and Les Vingt Femmes of Carteret County. She serves on the Board of Directors for Coastal Community Action, with the goal of improving life for everyone from young children to senior citizens.

June and her family attend St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church where she is financial secretary, Director of Christian Education, and an usher. She and her husband Malcolm enjoy an active life, which includes time for extended visits from their grandchildren when school is not in session.

Anne Meekins Upchurch 2017

Carteret County Retired School Personnel named Anne Upchurch as its Member of the Year in 2017. Anne grew up in New Bern and graduated from New Bern High School. A graduate of Meredith College, she taught in Wake and Sampson counties and more recently in Pitt and Carteret counties. Anne continues to enjoy the rewards of teaching by tutoring at Teacher’s Pet in Morehead City.

Anne was recognized for outstanding service as Chairman of the CCRSP Legislative Committee. She volunteered early on to help achieve the legislative goals of Retired School Personnel. Working closely with the legislative leaders in NC Retired School Personnel, she brought local advocacy to a higher, more meaningful level. She prepared the entry for the Legislative Starlight Award, which won state recognition for the Carteret County local unit.

Emphasis was always more on the issues and less on partisanship. To increase effectiveness, Anne believes in networking with other like-minded groups. Her connections with the League of Women Voters and the Chamber of Commerce led to opportunities for members to work together on common legislative goals. Anne arranged for several members to help with open forum events and to attend the League’s annual Woman of the Year Luncheon. Several CCRSP members have attended the Chamber’s Legislative Luncheon and spoken with our Legislators.

On the regional level, Anne served as Legislative Co-chair for Region 7B. Her careful planning and her attention to every detail brought increased participation from both Legislators and members. Another regional contribution was attending Committee Day in Raleigh.

Locally, Anne has also helped with Community Service projects, worked at the check-in table, presented devotions, provided food for the Retirement Seminar, and attended State Convention. When she agrees to assume a responsibility, others know she will keep her commitment with the highest level of perfection.

Margaret “Meg” Bradford 2018

Margaret “Meg” Bradford, born on May 6, 1951, is a native of Columbus, Ohio. She graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Science in Library Science. She later earned a Master’s Degree in Library Science from North Carolina Central University.

Meg taught for 12 years in her home state of Ohio, working as librarian in 2 different school systems: Upper Arlington City Schools and Gahanna Jefferson Schools. In North Carolina, Meg accepted library positions in Onslow and Wake counties before coming to Carteret County. She was librarian at Bogue Sound Elementary from 1998 until she retired in 2014.

After joining Carteret County Retired School Personnel, Meg was approached about becoming treasurer and she accepted. With a solid background in computer technology, she began using accounting software for financial record keeping and thus presented monthly financial reports in a new format. Meg received the Member of the Year Award in 2018 for her outstanding service as local unit treasurer.

She served in other ways by leading the Memorials Program and helping with National Education Week and the Retirement Seminar. She often attended regional general meetings and events. She also helped to update the CCRSP Constitution and By-Laws. Meg is appreciated for anticipating what needs to be done and then taking appropriate action without being asked.

Meg was further recognized as the Volunteer of the Year in 2018 for leading her unit in the number of volunteer hours given to Community Service. Her service included volunteer work at Broad Creek Middle, hours given to Alpha Delta Kappa activities, and time devoted to singing in several choirs and choral groups.

Meg has served CCRSP in multiple ways since first becoming a member. It was obvious from the beginning that this capable retired librarian was an emerging leader. Meg has agreed to accept the office of CCRSP President for 2020-2022; she is fully prepared to face the challenges of the office and will motivate the members to give their best.

George Burbella 2019

Carteret County Retired School Personnel named George Burbella as its 2019 Member of the Year. George was born April 24, 1947, in Newark, New Jersey. He graduated from John F. Kennedy Memorial High School in Iselin, New Jersey, where he ran track and cross country.

In 1970, George graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Physical Education. While at ECU, he ran track and cross country and lettered in track. In the fall of 1970, George began a teaching and coaching career that spanned four decades. He continued his coaching another 7 years before retiring in 2017. George first taught at South Edgecombe High School in Pinetops, NC, before making a move to Warrenton, Virginia. There he worked at Taylor Junior High School and then at Fauquier High School. The last part of George’s career was spent in Carteret County where he accepted teaching appointments at Morehead City Middle and East Carteret High schools and continued coaching track and cross country.

Much to his credit, George has helped 30 or more high school track runners go to college on full or partial scholarships or assistance programs.

When he retired from the classroom, he immediately became a member of the retired teachers’ organization. Having belonged to NC Association of Educators as active teachers, George and his wife Jane knew the importance of NC Retired School Personnel to all retirees.

George attends nearly every meeting and serves as an officer and committee chair. He frequently introduces the speaker and entertains the group with humorous stories from his years in public schools. He is also active in Region 7B NC Retired School Personnel; he works on the Membership Committee and adds humor to each meeting. In 2019 he attended the NCRSP State Convention to ask delegates to consider Greenville as a convention site in the future.

The contributions George has made to public education and Retired School Personnel have earned him respect and appreciation in Carteret County. Those who know him so well admire him not only for his professionalism, but also for his devotion to his family.